Federal Crimes

Federal Criminal Defense

If authorities charged you with a federal crime or you think that they might, it is urgent you contact a Crawford County federal defense lawyer who is experienced in handling these charges. Do not wait. Failing to partner with a skilled attorney will almost certainly mean several long years in prison. Our law firm, The Stone Law Firm, LTD, is ready to develop an aggressive defense strategy in an effort to protect your rights and secure positive results.

Hard-Hitting Crawford County Federal Defense Attorney

If you retain our firm to represent you when facing a white collar crime or another federal crime charge, we pledge to concentrate our effort to provide strong counsel that will work toward your legal goals. We are fearless trial attorneys and skilled negotiators who are equipped to defend you in front of a jury and at the negotiating table.

We can defend people facing a range of federal offenses, including:

  • White collar crimes: If you face a white collar crime charge, such as fraud and embezzlement, call our law firm.
  • Federal drug offenses: We represent individuals facing charges of trafficking or importing marijuana, cocaine, meth, and black tar heroin.
  • Federal organized crimes: Crawford County federal crime defense attorney Adam C. Stone works hard to protect our clients charged with Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) charges.
  • Federal sex crimes: These offenses carry serious criminal and social penalties. We provide vigorous defense for our clients charged with child pornography and Internet solicitation/luring offenses.
  • Federal violent crimes: Our law firm is available to provide honest counsel and we diligently work to secure positive results for people facing gang-related and weapons charges.

Vigorous Representation for Serious Charges

Our law firm works hard to always provide strong defense for individuals facing federal charges and a range of other criminal charges. We can put our full effort toward getting results in your case.

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