Juvenile Charged As Adults

Is Your Child Being Charged as an Adult?

Juveniles charged as adults, in a process known as a bind over, face very serious criminal consequences. In such situations, a child as young as 14 years old can be vulnerable to the same consequences and punishments as an adult for a range of offenses. Contacting a skilled criminal defense lawyer to handle the charges is imperative. At The Stone Law Firm, LTD, we care about the community's youth. We vigorously fight to protect youthful offenders' futures.

Fighting to Protect Your Child from Bind Overs

Most bind overs begin with a juvenile court hearing. Juveniles do not have the right to a jury trial. A judge can transfer a juvenile's case when he or she decides there is probable cause to show that the young person committed a serious felony offense or a crime involving a firearm, and the youth is likely to reoffend.

Our law firm is available from the beginning to protect a young person's rights. At a juvenile court hearing, we can work hard to persuade a judge against transferring a juvenile's case to adult court by questioning evidence and putting our full effort into showing that rehabilitating the child is a possibility.

However, some cases are automatically subject to bind overs. We can provide aggressive defense strategies for juveniles charged as adults in Bucyrus, Ohio, and surrounding areas.

Our law firm can conduct thorough investigations for young people facing a range of felony adult charges, including:

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We work hard to always provide uncompromising defense for juveniles being charged with serious crimes. Your child deserves a second chance at life and we do everything we can to give this opportunity to your child.

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