Sex Crimes

Crawford County Sexual Assault Attorney

Sex crimes are some of the most serious charges individuals can face. The penalties for your conviction could extend beyond the possibility of a lengthy prison sentence. The community frequently shuns individuals convicted of these offenses, particularly those individuals forced to register as sex offenders.

Sex offenders have to register their addresses and whereabouts with local law enforcement agencies in Ohio. Registered sex offenders cannot be close to schools and face many more restrictions. These charges can negatively impact your future career opportunities and permanently damage your reputation.

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Cutting-Edge Sex Crimes Defense

We are available to put our full effort toward defending you if you are facing these serious charges. It takes a skilled attorney to provide effective rape defense. We pledge to work hard to protect your freedom and reputation and conduct a thorough investigation into the charges you face. Whether your sex charge was a misunderstanding or a false allegation, we prepare each case with diligent investigations and witness interviews. We make sure that the court hears your side of the story.

Our firm is ready to defend any sex crime charge, including:

  • Sexual assault
  • Rape
  • Child pornography
  • Internet solicitation/luring

The court of public opinion can deem you guilty without questioning your circumstances, the evidence against you or any other element of your case. Family and friends may turn their backs on you, but our Crawford County sex crime defense lawyer, Adam C. Stone, is a fierce advocate who believes in protecting your constitutional rights. Justice must be served and we are here to make sure your case is handled fairly and properly.

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We can provide aggressive criminal defense for individuals facing a range of criminal charges beyond sex crimes. Our goal is to provide client-centered, hard-hitting criminal defense to each case under our care. We know how potentially life-changing a criminal case outcome can be for you, and we use this motivation to push ourselves to work even harder.

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