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by | Jul 31, 2015 | From Adam's Desk

Drug trafficking in Ohio state and federal courts is becoming a more and more difficult charge to defend. As law enforcement agencies adopt the newest technological advances of the day, high definition and resolution body cameras and the tiniest wired recordings pick-up crystal clear audio and video of alleged criminal activity, including drug trafficking. Essentially, prosecutors, judges and juries get front row seats to crimes just as though they are watching an episode of Law and Order.

Law enforcement will go as far as using and manipulating a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media accounts in order to implicate a suspect in a crime.

That being the case, these agencies adopt policies and procedures regarding the attainment, use, storage and maintenance of this technology and evidence. And, despite the nature of this evidence, prosecutor’s still have to meet certain requirements before he or she can ever play the proof for the jury or the judge.

That is why it is vitally important to hire an experienced criminal defense lawyer that understands technology – its uses and limitations – when facing serious criminal allegations, like drug trafficking. Understanding the rules of evidence, along with the nuances of social media, internet, cellular technology, and even the manipulation of “screen shots” can be the difference between “not guilty” and “guilty” verdicts.

At Eyer Stone, LTD, our staff understands these nuances, and we are constantly being educated on advancements in the area of technology and its uses in court.

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