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My Baby Is Gone [The Death of a Child and the Parent as the Suspect]

by | Sep 21, 2015 | From Adam's Desk

Recently, a mother in Bellefontaine, Ohio was charged with the murder of her three children. She is an innocent woman. She is protected by the presumption of innocence. She is protected by the responsibility of the state to prove her guilt beyond a reasonable doubt as to each and every element of the crimes with which she has been charged.

No one can imagine the emotional pain and suffering that accompany losing a child – much less three children. In the end, this mother may be found guilty. She may have committed an unthinkable act and stolen the lives of innocent children. But that does not mean that she is not entitled to the best possible defense to ensure that the State properly investigated the matter, respected her constitutional rights, and supplied the proof necessary to convince a jury that she is guilty.

Convictions for these crimes often lead to the break-up of families, significant time in jail or prison, loss of the right to carry a firearm, and even the loss of your job and an inability to hold certain jobs. In these cases, the best possible defense includes a team of lawyers, investigators and paralegals who have the compassion and empathy to understand everything from a client with serious mental illness to a parent scrambling to save what is left of his or her life.

At Eyer Stone, LTD we have represented clients and litigated issues of child abuse, murder, aggravated murder, and manslaughter in state and federal criminal court and have managed positive outcomes for individuals faced with these allegations. Our training includes training on the evolution of the science behind ballistics, Shaken Baby Syndrome triad, DNA research, the Reid Technique of interrogation, sexual abuse interrogation methods, cellular/ satellite phone technology and other technological advancements in law enforcement investigations.

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