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Attorney Stone Clears Client of Felony Charges in OVI Case

by | Jan 13, 2016 | In the News, OVI

Bucyrus Criminal Defense Attorney Adam Stone of Eyer Stone, LTD has managed to successfully spare his client – Kristle Kendall – from any felony charges after a plea bargain in a less-than-ordinary OVI (operating a vehicle while intoxicated) case.

When Kendall was pulled over last year, the body of who she describes as her best friend was found deceased in the car from a gunshot wound to the head. Michael Collins Jr., as he would later be identified, committed suicide at least half an hour before Kendall was pulled over, according to her own account of what happened. But investigators were skeptical to say the least.

Prosecutors and law enforcement were confused as to why she would continue to drive seemingly aimlessly around the streets of Crawford County with a deceased individual in the passenger seat. They suspected that if she was not directly involved in the fatal shooting, she may have had a hand in some of the foul play Collins allegedly committed earlier, including reports of burglary, armed robbery, and even the kidnapping of Kendall herself. If suspicions were allowed to mount to actual criminal charges, she could have been slapped with several felony counts and sent down a dire road.

Smart Litigation Leads to a Plea Bargain

Kendall’s case is strange by most standards. The lack of evidence for either side of the courtroom made it incredibly difficult to defend her, and it seemed that matters were not tipping in her favor. Much to Kendall’s benefit, Attorney Stone was able to negotiate with the county prosecutor for a plea bargain. By admitting guilt to the OVI, it was agreed that she would not face any felony charges for the rest of the possible-criminal, albeit unexplained, occurrences surrounding her case.

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