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Child’s Death in Marion, Ohio Ruled Homicide

by | Jun 20, 2016 | Child Abuse, In the News, Murder, Shaken Baby Syndrome

A Marion, Ohio mother was charged today with murder in the unfortunate death of her infant child. The child’s death was ruled a homicide by Shaken Baby Syndrome. Details of the case remain forthcoming, however, it is crucial to remember that SBS has come under considerable legal and scientific scrutiny. Consequently, the charges levied against this young mother must be, likewise, looked upon with the same scrutiny.

It is not possible to understand shaken baby cases without understanding the history of Shaken Baby Syndrome. “Shaken Baby Syndrome” was advanced and popularized in the early 1970s as a means of explaining three medical findings: (1) subdural hemorrhage (i.e., bleeding between the dura and the brain); (2) retinal hemorrhage and other eye findings; and (3) cerebral edema (brain swelling). Together, these features are commonly known as the “triad.” Although the SBS hypothesis initially included signs of trauma (broken ribs, bruises, etc.), it was soon applied to children who had no signs of trauma.

However, over the course of forty years of strong medical research and courageous litigation by defense attorneys, the Shaken Baby Syndrome triad has been broken down and is currently the subject of ongoing scrutiny, research and inquiry. Unfortunately, law enforcement, social services and even the medical community have not caught up completely with the research that demonstrates that these types of injuries are not synonymous with abuse. So, when faced with allegations of child abuse or even homicide – as is this case of the young woman in Marion, Ohio -, which by their very nature tear families apart, it is essential to protect yourself, your family and your child from the ignorance of those who still cling to that old Shaken Baby Syndrome triad when making allegations of child abuse and death by SBS.

A conviction for murder or homicide can mean many years, decades or life in prison, based upon the level of the charge – or in the most heinous of cases, death by lethal injection. Some defendants charged with murder or homicide may face the death penalty if convicted. A case that appears open-and-shut, for example, may have very serious holes and flaws that could be successfully exploited. You must take advantage of Eyer Stone, LTD and its team of professional’s ability to evaluate evidence and to craft a defense strategy to present to a jury.

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