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Grand Jury to Review THC Candy Case in Ohio

by | Aug 26, 2016 | Drug Crimes, In the News

Attorney Adam Stone of Eyer Stone, LTD has taken an intriguing drug crimes case that will be heading to a grand jury in Ohio soon. The client, Mr. Gross, has been accused of distributing illegal drugs at a music festival in central Ohio. The catch? Multiple witnesses claimed that Gross had thrown THC-laced candy into the air but it was never stated that he actually handed anything to any one person in particular.

A total of 24 people made their way to the medical tent at the music festival after consuming the candy that was tossed randomly into the crowd. Although the candy said “Prescribed Medibles by Dr. Greenbuds” on the packaging, suggesting that it was manufactured with some form of marijuana or cannabis, the medical staff initially believed people were suffering from an opioid overdose. After patients did not respond to naloxone treatments, which is used as an anti-heroin and anti-oxycodone drug, a hospital lab technician identified marginally high levels of THC in the candy.

Security and police were led to Gross by witnesses who saw him throwing the candy around; they also apparently used photographic evidence of him in the act to identify him. After consenting to a search of his person and backpack, police found the candy packages in question. Gross showed he had a medical marijuana license that allowed him to cultivate and possess marijuana.

Attorney Stone has made the argument that tossing an item or items into the air, no matter how populated the area might be, is not indicative of intent to distribute. If anything at all, it could constitute littering, assuming the person throwing the objects had no intent to clean them up. Due to the lack of clarity in the legal statutes, a grand jury is set to review the case to determine if the accusations actually warrant charges and an eventual criminal trial. If they do, Gross will face felony drug trafficking charges.

For more information on this case, you can read a full article published by the Mansfield News Journal here. If you need help with drug charges in Ohio, you can contact the Bucyrus criminal defense attorneys at our firm and request a consultation to begin.