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Adam Stone Secures Plea Deal for Michigan Man in Music Festival Drug Incident

by | Mar 16, 2017 | Drug Crimes

This month, Adam C. Stone, founding partner at Eyer Stone, LTD., secured a plea deal for his defendant, a 28-year-old man from Michigan, for a felony charge involving the trafficking marijuana. He was scheduled for trial, but pleaded guilty to the charge instead and, in exchange for his plea, prosecutors dismissed a second charge for corrupting another with drugs.

Although the defendant could potentially receive up to a year in prison, it is expected that he will get probation, given the judge’s remarks in court.

The defendant distributed candy laced with THC during a weekend-long festival, which took place at Ohio Dreams, an action sports summer camp located just outside of Butler. 24 individuals became sick from consuming the marijuana edibles, but they were all aware that the candies contained THC. The packets distributed by the defendant were labeled “Prescription Medibles” and “Nerd Bites”.

However, the authorities did not have this knowledge and medical personnel did not know what they were dealing with, leading to a chaotic situation.

“Mistakes of law are no excuse. That’s why he pleaded guilty,” Stone said. “He had no intention of hurting anybody.”

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