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Client Faces 30 Years in Prison & is Acquitted of All Charges

by | Oct 31, 2017 | Criminal Defense

Our legal team at Eyer Stone, LTD represented a client who was facing 30 years in prison, indicted with Felony 1 Aggravated Burglary, Felony 1 Aggravated Robbery, and Felony 2 Felonious Assault. Though there were many attempts at incarcerating 40-year-old Jason L. Westerfield for far longer than he deserved, justice prevailed–thanks to our Bucyrus criminal defense lawyer, Adam Stone. After much deliberation, the jury came back with an acquittal on all charges in the indictment, freeing him from the potentially devastating 30 years ahead of our client.

Instead, the state had to resort to the lesser offense in order to convince the jury of any possible wrongdoing on our client’s behalf. Therefore, he was found guilty of 1 lesser included offense of burglary, sentencing him to 7 years in prison as opposed to 30. The jury was able to see our client’s innocence in the matter, and instead had to convict him of a lesser crime in accordance to what was presented to them. Crawford County Common Pleas Judge Sean Leuthold sentenced him to 1 year less than the maximum 8 years in prison for the 2nd degree felony of burglary.

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