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Attorney Adam Stone Named Attorney of the Month by Legal Lease

by | Dec 20, 2017 | Firm News

The people of Crawford County, Ohio know they can turn to Adam Stone of Eyer Stone, LTD for virtually any criminal defense case, from drug crimes and juvenile law to federal crimes and murder. With his tenacious spirit and impressive understanding of criminal defense law, he has been able to secure both a strong reputation and a history of positive case results for his clients.

In recognition of his accomplishments and dedication to his craft, Legal Lease has recently named Attorney Stone as its Attorney of the Month. This comes as a great honor to Adam and our entire team at Eyer Stone, LTD. We would like to thank everyone who helped make this possible, including Legal Lease and, of course, our clients who have believed in Adam throughout the years.

Legal Lease took a moment to sit down with Adam and discuss his life and career as a Crawford County criminal defense lawyer. He spoke of his first year of practice, when he was only 26-years old and had just accepted a murder case on behalf of a family friend. Due to the extremely complex details of the case, it would have normally gone into the hands of a litigation with years, if not decades of experience, but the family friend was confident in Adam. After extensive research, pretrial preparations, and a high-stakes challenge between forensic experts called upon by both the defense and the prosecution, the client’s charges were reduced to simple assault. When he could have been incarcerated for life, he instead was only jailed for a total of 48 days, a noteworthy victory by all means.

After that stressful yet rewarding murder trial, Adam told Legal Lease, he knew he was made to be a criminal defense lawyer. As the years go on, he only gets fonder of his career and feels that much stronger a connection to his calling. Long hours with no weekends is the norm for the committed criminal defense attorney, and Adam would not have things any other way.

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