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Attorney Adam Stone Secures Plea Deal for Client in Felony Assault Case

by | Dec 19, 2017 | Criminal Defense, Firm News

Attorney Adam Stone of Eyer Stone, LTD in Crawford County has successfully managed to secure a plea deal for a client facing charges of felonious assault and resisting arrest. Vincent Fedele, the client of Attorney Stone, was up against strong evidence collected by the prosecution that suggested he attempted to stab a police officer with a knife during an altercation.

Fedele was wanted on arrest for four separate warrants across several counties. When police noticed him waiting in a vehicle in a parking lot, they approached to make the arrest. Reports say Fedele pulled a knife before jabbing it into an officer’s vest in an attempt to maim him.

With the guidance of Attorney Stone, Fedele agreed to plead guilty to all of his charges in court recently. He also admitted to using illegal narcotics and failing to submit to mandatory drug testing. It was argued that Fedele was struggling mentally and emotionally from drug use and attacked the police officer in hopes he would be killed in return, a process known as “suicide by police officer.” With proper medication and a different outlook on life, Fedele is a “different man,” Stone told the courtroom.

Judge Steve Shuff agreed to sentence Fedele to only five years in prison with a chance for parole after four years. He was also credited 276 days served already into that sentence, effectively removing about 9 months from his total time to be spent incarcerated. It has also been stated through Tiffin Police Department correspondences that the officer assaulted in the case approved the sentencing requirements. Given the direness of the situation surrounding Fedele’s arrest, the sentencing could have been much stricter and the case is considered a criminal defense success.

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