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Defendant in Wrong-Way Crash Case Did Not Change Plea

by | Dec 9, 2019 | Firm News

Update: On February 11, 2020, Attorney Stone filed several motions on behalf of his client, including a request for money to compensate an accident reconstruction expert in order to provide an independent investigation into the collision and to check the state patrol’s reconstruction for error.

An accident reconstruction expert has special training and qualifications to recreate the scene of an accident after analyzing all factors in a crash and reach conclusions about the seriousness of the accident, the actions of each driver leading up to the collision, the speeds in which the vehicles were traveling, and any other aspects that have contributed to the accident. These experts typically have a background in science or engineering.

The next day, the judge granted the motion to obtain funding for an accident reconstructionist.


A Mansfield man accused of causing a head-on collision with an Ohio Highway Patrol trooper was scheduled to change his not guilty plea last month. He didn’t. Instead, he was assigned our attorney, Adam Stone, to handle the case.

The man was charged with two counts of aggravated vehicular assault, receiving stolen property, operating a vehicle impaired, and driving under suspicion of a controlled substance. In September of 2019, he pleaded not guilty to the charges, and he was set to change that plea on November 26, 2019.

However, according to Judge Robert Hickson Jr., the Mansfield man and his attorney had “irreconcilable differences,” and he appointed Attorney Stone to the case. Hickson said this was “a serious case” that “deserves appropriate attention.”

Attorney Stone had received the state’s evidence the day the Mansfield man was scheduled to change his plea. He stated that he needed to thoroughly review the information before proceeding to ensure the defendant receives effective counsel throughout the process.

Wrong-Way Crash on I-71

According to reports, the Trooper that the Mansfield man hit had been dispatched early on the morning of June 27th to find an impaired motorist. The man was allegedly driving south in a stolen car on northbound I-71. When the Trooper caught up to him, the two vehicles collided and caught fire.

A witness said he saw the man’s vehicle heading the wrong way and pulled to the side of the road to avoid an accident. When he looked back, he saw the car had crashed into the Trooper’s. With the help of another man, he removed the windshield from the Trooper’s vehicle and pulled him out.

The Trooper was airlifted to Ohio State University Medical Center, where he was treated for major injuries. The Mansfield man was also injured in the crash and taken to a nearby hospital.

According to law enforcement, the man tested positive for methamphetamine.

In August of 2019, Hickson set the man’s cash bond for $50,000. He has been in the Morrow County Jail since.

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