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Your job may be in question after an OVI conviction

On Behalf of | Apr 4, 2022 | OVI

A criminal conviction may cause irreparable harm to a person’s career. What some do not understand, though, is that an OVI is a criminal charge. A drunk driving conviction, too, may have everlasting consequences on your work life and job prospects.

In some situations, you may lose your job. A demotion is possible, too. And, if you are a licensed professional such as a physician or teacher, you could get your license suspended, and, in extreme cases, revoked.

Loss of job and professional license

Here are some of the ways in which an OVI conviction can affect you and put a significant dent in your career:

  • Missed work hours: Whether it is through court appearances, jail or rehabilitation treatment, you will miss some work hours. Employers may not be so understanding of your situation.
  • Your firing: In some circumstances, a criminal conviction is grounds for termination. Certain companies may have mandatory firing policies in place.
  • Loss of professional license: Physicians, attorneys, accountants, teachers and real estate agents are some of the occupations that rely on professional licenses. State and local governing boards have the option to suspend or terminate your license and reject an application for a license.
  • Shrinking job offers: Job offers may dry up after prospective employers learn about your conviction upon making a background check.

It is important to know about the wide net that an OVI conviction may cast on your career.

Understand and fight the charges

In understanding the potential ramifications of an OVI conviction, you know that it is in your best interest to fight these charges. Work with a skilled attorney who will seek to get the charge reduced or dismissed. It is not easy to shake off the stain of an OVI conviction.