Case Results

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  • Sentence Reduced Significantly
    Felon in Possession of Illegal Firearm

    Felon in possession of illegal firearm case in 2017 in federal court. The 6th Circuit Court agreed with me and reversed and remanded the case for resentencing.

    The client’s prison exposure went from 15 to Life under the Armed Career Criminals Act to less than 10 years under Federal Sentencing Guidelines.

  • Charge Reduced
    Felony Burglary
    Burglarly charge reduced to trespassing.
  • Case Dismissed
    First Time DUI
    First time DUI charge was dismissed.
  • Case Dismissed
    Second DUI
    Second DUI BAC .09
  • Overturned
    Appeal of Sentence
  • Overturned
    Appeal of Sentence