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Dedicated Defense For Serious Drug Trafficking Allegations

Drug trafficking is one of the most severe drug-related criminal charges you can face. Offenses involving drug trafficking are often categorized as felonies, which can carry immensely harsh consequences for anyone convicted. Because conspiracy charges sometimes go hand in hand with drug offenses, you may find yourself facing disproportionately severe penalties for a comparatively small action.

Our Ohio team is dedicated to defending you. When you work with Eyer Stone, LTD, you can rest assured in having outstanding counsel no matter your race, income or prior criminal record. We believe in fighting tirelessly for acquittals, dropped charges, alternative sentencing and other outcomes that may apply to your case.

What Are The Sentences For Drug Trafficking?

For those who choose to transport drugs across state lines either themselves or by use of a transit postal service, they may be subject to federal charges from the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), FBI, United States Marshals Service or any other federal law enforcement agency. These are serious charges with serious consequences. A conviction for possession of a controlled substance, drug trafficking or another drug offense in Ohio state or federal court can lead to:

  • Serious jail or prison time
  • Loss of employment
  • Loss of a driver’s license
  • Loss of the right to legally own a firearm
  • Compromise voting rights

In federal court, the consequences of a possession or trafficking conviction can land a suspect in federal prison for life, depending on the totality of the circumstances.

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