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Getting A Fair Hearing After A Domestic Violence Charge In Ohio

The hardest facet of a domestic violence charge is that the evidence used to charge one person is based on what the other said happened. It can be difficult to determine what actually happened between two people in the heat of the moment.

Domestic violence (DV) is a serious issue. At Eyer Stone, LTD, criminal defense attorney Adam Stone understands all that is at stake in DV allegations. He also knows there may be more to the story than a simple police report shows. If you have been charged with DV, it’s important to attain legal representation as early in the process as possible. Call 419-561-9840 to arrange a consultation.

Different Motivations Behind An Allegation

Anyone who’s been in an intimate relationship knows that arguments happen. For some couples, this may mean a quiet disagreement. For others, it may mean a heated argument. DV charges often stem from events that occur during situations in which:

  • Both parties are overstressed and under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • The relationship is frayed or ending, and one person is so angry that they inflate or exaggerate what happened.
  • One party is attempting to gain a more favorable position in a divorce or child custody situation, and the only way they feel they can “win” is to allege abuse, violence or threats of harm.
  • One party is struggling with instability, addiction or a mental health issue. Their recollection or perception of the event may differ greatly from what the other party experienced.
  • One party attacked the other party, and the DV charge may be a result of an act of self-defense.

Because so much is at stake – such as being kicked out of your home, being forbidden to see your children and having a long-term criminal conviction on your record – it’s important to get tough defense. If you have been served any type of order of protection, seek established counsel to understand yours rights and options.  Attorney Stone represents clients who have been charged with DV, violent crimes and sex crimes.

Start The Conversation About Your Future

An Ohio DV charge can have serious negative implications that last years or decades. Ensure that you have the legal protection you need to protect your future. Call attorney Stone at Eyer Stone, LTD, at 419-561-9840. You can also reach the firm via website contact email. In Bucyrus, the firm serves clients throughout Crawford County.