“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”

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Getting You Started By Answering Your Questions

Preparing a will and other end-of-life documents is never exciting. No one looks forward to it, but planning for the disbursement of your assets and other important tasks is of utmost importance. Perhaps you have been thinking of it for a while but never knew where to get started.

This is where we can help you. At Eyer Stone, LTD, we assist clients throughout Crawford County and North-Central Ohio in creating estate plans. Because this legal field can be very complex, we have answered some our clients’ most frequently asked questions.

Why should I have an estate plan?

Estate plans offer several benefits. Some of the major ones include:

  • Planning for an emergency
  • Providing for your family if you die
  • Letting your doctors know of your health care wishes
  • Minimizing probate and tax penalties
  • Making sure your property goes to the right people

Although making an estate plan can seem daunting, and you may dread the process of sitting down to go through the many details, the positives far outweigh the negatives.

When should I make a will?

It is never too soon to have an attorney make your will. Every adult should have one to ensure that their assets pass to the beneficiaries they choose. Even if you do not have significant assets, you should have a legally sound last will and testament just in case.

What documents should my estate plan have?

Every estate plan should have a few basic documents:

  • Last will and testament: This document names your beneficiaries and which assets they should receive upon your death.
  • Health care proxy: If you can no longer make decisions about your medical care, your health care proxy can make them for you.
  • Power of attorney: You can name a power of attorney to make legal and financial decisions for you when you no longer can.
  • Health care directive: This lets your health care providers know which treatment options you want when you cannot communicate.

We can tailor these to meet your specific needs and goals. We will also help you understand your options so you can make smart decisions about your estate plan.

Do I need to update my estate plan once it’s made?

You should update your estate plan every few years and after major life changes. For instance, if you go through a divorce, you may wish to revisit which assets you leave to your spouse. If your children have children, you could update your estate plan to leave them in your will.

Ask More Questions And Get Started On Your Estate Plan

As experienced estate planners, we can help you put the documents in place to protect your assets and your loved ones’ future. To reach out to us for more information, please call our Bucyrus office at 419-561-9840 or send us an email.