“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”

Antoine De Saint-Exupery | Be Prepared For The Future With Help From Attorney Tani Eyer

Addressing The Unique Concerns Of Farmers

If you are a farmer, you face unique challenges when it comes to planning an estate. You want to provide for your family while also determining the future of your farm. The law for farmers can be so complex that it is crucial to have a lawyer who can help you make sense of your options.

At Eyer Stone, LTD, our elder law attorney, Tani Eyer, comes from a farming family. She understands the wants, needs and goals of farmers and their relatives. A farmer’s job is busy enough as it is. Let us shoulder the difficult legal aspects of your estate planning so you can focus on making your farm thrive.

Families often attach a great deal of emotion to farms. If a dispute arises between family members, we can tactfully help you resolve it. Whether your farm remains in family hands or passes to a new owner, we want to be the ones to help you plan its future.

Unique Strategies For Your Specific Farm

Every farm has a different financial situation and agricultural considerations. A one-size-fits-all approach is the wrong method to take when it comes to farming and succession planning. We take the time to learn the ins and outs of your farm so we can develop a detailed strategy to achieve your goals.

Plan Your Farm’s Future, Today

The legacy of your farm is in your hands. You can trust Eyer Stone enough to place it in ours, too. Learn more about estate planning and how our attorneys can serve you. To schedule your initial consultation, please call 419-561-9840 or send us an email.