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It may be uncomfortable to think about what may happen if you become incapacitated or mentally incapable of making responsible decisions for yourself. You’re entitled to control your own affairs, but sometimes circumstances change, which is why you must have a plan in place. Whether you’re injured in an accident or your health declines due to age, you must proactively prepare for any and every life scenario, especially guardianship.

Guardianship is defined as a person, association or corporation appointed by a probate court to be legally responsible for an incompetent person or minor (known as a “ward”) and their personal and/or financial affairs. A legal guardian can oversee and manage your legal, financial and health care decisions depending on what you authorize their powers to be.

This is a big deal because you essentially give up many of your individual rights to a court-appointed guardian, so contact us to learn about how to best protect yourself and your livelihood.

Types of Guardianship

Our trusted attorney has an in-depth understanding of the guardianship process and can guide you through your options and help you complete the required paperwork properly. Whether you are looking to become a guardian for your loved one or planning for a guardian to act on your own behalf one day, we can help you through the process.

Regardless of which type of guardianship you agree to, each is intended to protect and uphold your best interests. To better understand your options, you should know about the types of guardianship offered:

Guardian of the person: Responsible for the physical care of the person

  • Daily maintenance
  • Education
  • Medical, health, counsel, treatment, or other professional care

Guardian of the estate: Responsible for the ward’s finances

  • Transferring property
  • Signing contracts
  • Filing a full inventory of the ward’s real and personal property within 3 months after appointment
  • Managing the ward’s estate
  • Paying the ward’s outstanding debts from your estate
  • Collect debts due to the ward

Limited guardian: Only needed for certain matters of the ward’s life

  • Providing consent for medical procedures
  • Used for placement purposes
  • Approving behavior plans and/or psychotropic medications

Emergency guardian: Legally appointed for up to 72 hours if urgent action is required to prevent significant injury to the ward

  • The ward’s letter of appointment specifies the emergency guardian’s powers

Interim guardian: Legally appointed for up to 15 days when a previous guardian is removed or resigns, and urgent action is required to protect the ward

  • The preceding guardian must prove to the court that immediate action is required for the ward’s welfare

Successful Reputation for Handling Guardianship Matters in Crawford County

Guardianship is a complicated yet crucial process. It is expensive, involves complex paperwork and is highly time-consuming. Despite these drawbacks, planning for guardianship on your or a loved one’s behalf is significant because there may be a time when you or a loved one cannot handle personal and financial duties anymore.

Our guardianship lawyer will pay close attention to your situation and goals and can thoroughly explain your options and expectations, so you are prepared at all times. You can trust us to guide you through the paperwork and advise you on the best strategies for accomplishing your guardianship goals without dealing with legal issues down the road.

We want what’s best for you and have what it takes to help you get there. Call us at (419) 610-2032 or contact us online today!

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